Black Friday Nederland

Since the establishment in 2015, Black Friday Nederland is the largest platform in The Netherlands in the field of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In November 2015, almost 200,000 visitors selected their favorite deals on this platform. Nowadays almost 2 million visitors pass us by.

For retailers, Black Friday Nederland is an interesting platform to be visible to a target group with a high buyer intention. Black Friday Nederland works with more than 200 well-known and unknown partners. Some of these partners are Coolblue, MediaMarkt, and Dyson.

Besides visitors on the website, Black Friday Nederland also has a fanbase on social media and via e-mail.  The two most popular social media platforms for Black Friday Nederland are Facebook and Instagram. Almost 15,000 people follow Black Friday Nederland on Facebook and 2,000 people follow Black Friday Nederland on Instagram. Besides that, Black Friday Nederland sends a couple of newsletters to almost 45,000 subscribers in the period of Black Friday. These different channels create a lot of possibilities and opportunities for advertisers.


Target group

Most of the visitors are between 25 – 34 years old. The other most common age group are people between 35 – 44 years old. More females visit Black Friday Nederland (54.89%) than males (45.11%), although the difference is small. Thereafter, the most common regions are North-Holland, South-Holland and North-Brabant. The city where most visitors are from, is Amsterdam.

People in the target group 25 – 34 years old are most of the time interested in information about media, games, elektronics, fashion and traveling. People of older ages are more interested in information about household and living deals, free time and coffee machines. Furthermore there are differences in gender. Women are more interested in deals related to fashion, traveling or toys for the kids  in comparison to men. Men are on the other hand more interested in deals related to electronics and gaming.  

Advertising possibilities

There are multiple possibilities for advertisers to draw the attention of consumers who are willing to buy. The different channels such as the website, social media and e-mail can be used to promote a brand and/or offers. One of the most popular possibilities is to publish a deal square on the Black Friday overview page. Besides this, advertisers can also decide to put a deal in the spotlight in the newsletter. Read more below about the different advertisement possibilities. 

Deal square 

A brand or (web)shop can be published as deal square. The special Black Friday deal square will be published on:

  • – The Black Friday overview of all deals and shops
  • – The personal store page
  • – In the search options
  • – In relevant filter options


The special banner can include an image of your brand and the deal. The banner will be published after every four rows in the shop and deal overview. 


The Black Friday newsletters will be send in the Black Friday week to 45,000 subscribers. In this newsletter, the best deals will be promoted. Shops or deals are featured.


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